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Bison Bar & BBQ

Olympia Recommends: Just around the corner from us on Wellington Quay, you'll find Bison Bar & Grill tucked in beside The Workmans. Amazing meat platters!

Bison Bar & BBQ


Address: 11 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

Phone: 086 056 3144



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Sitting right on Wellington Quay, in the heart of Dublin, is a slice of BBQ heaven. Sidle up to our bar, saddle up on our seats and get comfortable in Bison Bar & BBQ, Dublin’s first and best BBQ joint.

  Bison Bar  

Bison’s chefs have trained in Texas, bringing back the mouth-watering secrets of the perfect BBQ. They have a Southern Pride smoker and the menu features 14 hour slow roasted meats and homemade sides.

Plus, with more than 150 whiskeys, over 50 tequilas and a wide range of cocktails, beers and spirits, you’ll want to pull up one of their saddle seats and stick around a while.

  Bison Bar













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